Evening Meeting in Village School

(Recorded in 1982)

~ Introductory Text by John Sherin ~

This was a most difficult day during a singularly difficult year. On this day Conrad Follansbee had received some upsetting news about the fate of M-T in Brentwood. At one point during the evening he even talks about having cried earlier in the day. Bob Primavera was presenting the results of recent discussions with the District leadership in an upbeat, even jovial manner when you consider the dire consequences of what was proving to be the leadership’s non-negotiable position regarding the future of the school. Like it or not, next year they would have to move to Room 606 in the High School, a former garage space on which $40,000 of local taxpayers' “wasted” money would be spent refurbishing what no one here had the slightest interest in. By the end of this year, Conrad, John, Laura and Lil would be gone. Bob, Marge and Grace would move with seniors, some of whom were present on this evening, and the new incoming juniors, a few of whom were present at this, their first, meeting. Tori and Vieda were back and glad to be “home” from another state. Also present were the Vassalos, Josephine Schimpf, Alice Walsh and John Sherin. Comments heard reflect contrasting views of a positive optimism and general skepticism surrounding all the issues confronting M-T in that period. No one in attendance actually expected the Board of Education regular monthly meeting later that week to be supportive of their interests. Nevertheless, they were gearing up for it anyway to present themselves honestly.