(Recorded June 1980)

~ Introductory Text by John Sherin ~

AS THE CURTAIN DESCENDED on his introduction to assembled students, staff members, families and friends, Ken Moss, the Director of M-T’s Performing Arts Center, proposed “At the end of an era, it is appropriate to remember.” His words provided metaphoric closure to an impressive run of original productions for six years at M-T, ending with his most recent performance of “The Wheel.” Ken is followed by Bob Primavera, deigned to be his successor; and John, who in August would celebrate his 40th birthday. Seated behind the podium that day were, among others, Joann, Sheila, Rob and Janet, in their roles as mistresses and master of ceremonies, a few of whom are probably wishing today that they had never smoked. Michael next provides a welcome musical interlude between speakers. Then following Laura, Leigh presents Milt with an award before it becomes his turn to speak for the last time during his years of service with the district. Conrad approached the microphone next to provide a moving, poetic, and largely non-verbal departure from traditional graduation speeches by releasing, to everyone’s surprise, a white dove that flew free following advice to students to “go and be whoever you want to be.” After more certificates were presented by students, another song was performed a capella by Diane, followed again by the presentation of certificates and Janet’s speech to graduates, breaking from tradition by being a different one from the valedictorian speech she planned to deliver the following day at the high school. Her words are unfortunately and prematurely cut short while describing the challenges all students had faced during the year… “But we managed, yes, we managed, each of us helping and supporting one another.”