(Recorded on September 6, 1978)

~ Introductory Text by John Sherin ~

A FEW OF THE EARLIEST ARRIVALS to M-T on that fall morning were invited by John Baum to sit and answer a few questions posed to them on camera.  “What are you feeling today?  How do you think you’ll like this school?”  Some of his subjects seemed a bit self-conscious, because television was as yet still not widely available for use in the classroom. The TV experience on this morning was one more first for a number of the subjects beginning the year at M-T. John himself appears a bit uncomfortable as he sits before the camera that day. Helen and Dolores Puccio, Toni, Janice Martini, Medhat Bassiouni, Gail Tanner, Lisa Loeffler, John Baum and Dennis Murray were all among those volunteering to appear on camera for posterity that morning.

WELCOME ORIENTATION MEETING:  As the camera pans, circling the South School gym beginning with Michael Bloom, a first-year facilitator joining M-T this year, with Robert Ruvio and Lisa Loeffler sitting immediately to his left, it moves clockwise around the room to stop again where it began. Jeannie introduces herself and provides a welcoming structure for group participation, giving everyone opportunity as new or returning learners to identify themselves and say a few words about who they are. Jeannie introduces the Principal who has not yet arrived, as Gina Spellman, a new M-T student, introduces herself. The circle continues unbroken until everyone who wants to speak has had their chance. Next, it’s the Staff’s turn. Laura Morelli, who “wears lots of hats,” welcomes students. John, Milt, Alice, and Bob Primavera, another first-year facilitator, all speak.