M-T Co-Founder

South School Annex

(Recorded June 1980)

~ Introductory Text by John Sherin ~

WITH HIS BACK TO THE CAMERA, Michael Terrell renders "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother," followed by Laura Morelli introducing Anthony F. Felicio, President of the Brentwood Board of Education. Then with a majority of Trustees present, they honor Milton K. Siler, Jr. with a plaque. The next presenter and member of M-T's family is Vieda Mazur, who reads and presents Milt with a signed letter from "Al Toffler." The President of BPSO (Brentwood Principals and Supervisors Organization), Mr. David Martz, presents the "retiring" Mr. Siler with an engraved plaque from members of his organization. Mr. Martz is followed by M-T co-founder John Sherin, who reads a letter from former graduate John C. Baum to Milt and then concludes by honoring his accomplishments, delivering an impassioned "numbers" speech on his behalf. Laura makes a personal presentation before delivering an open mic for 20 minutes to anyone wishing to be heard. Among those coming forward to share thoughts and feelings on this occasion were students, colleagues, and a Board Trustee, including Paul Murray, Denise Pelletier, Ken Moss, Bob Bernard, Pattie Gemellaro, Jane Hudson, Steven Springer, Sharon Moran, Janet Stumpf, Sheila Johnson, Mary Kennedy, Laura Wood, Ken Hansen, Ed Alicia, Monique Lawrence, Leigh Mauro, Mike Weissmann, Vincent DiRiggi, Dion Sexton, "The Three Musketeers" (Chris Walsh, Mike Edwards, and Chuck Vassallo), Colleen Richardson, Mike Vallone, and Elizabeth Pride, who finishes this program in good voice, ably assisted by Michael Terrell at the piano. Regrettably, what was perhaps the most important commentary of the evening by the person honored has been lost to us forever given the unwitting selection by persons unknown of a 30-minute tape instead of the more lengthy one needed to record the events of the entire evening.