Alternatives in Education

(Recorded on February 14, 1980)

~ Introductory Text by John Sherin ~

M-T Co-Founder and Moderator John M. Sherin welcomes guests Dr. Gerry Edwards from National Training Institute and Adelphi University; Dean Helen Green, Ph.D., College of Education, C.W. Post College; and Daniel L. Araoz, Ph.D., Psychologist/Hypnotherapist and Faculty Member, L.I. University.

Why do some kids hate school while others learn to love school? Why are some schools more like prisons and un-conducive to student learning or teacher growth? What do students want to learn? What about teacher burnout, group process and the innate ability of teachers to create healthy learning environments? Are the times really that different today (1980)?

Do schools "kill" kids? Whatever happened to principles of basic psychology in education? Is there a lack of know-how of classroom dynamics concerning how a teacher's performance affects students? What about right-hemispheric emphasis and the part played by creativity, moral values and right and wrong?

John Sherin introduces the last segment by presenting visiting student guests from the Maslow-Toffler School of Futuristic Education in Brentwood, Long Island:  Elizabeth (Ellie) Pride; Christopher (Chris) Walsh; Janet Stumpf; Donna Criccio; and Lisa Silver.

Students discuss family attitudes, the role of emotional honesty in their lives, and learning to love school. They discuss the importance of trust, choice, learning facilitators and teacher authority, personal goal-setting and the fear of change. Hear how they feel now about homework, the place of study and learning in their lives. LIsten to the personal pride in their voices as they share the experience of school this year and encourage community members to visit. Hear also how journaling has become an important part of their self-directed educational journey.