2011 - That precocious little pre-schooler who appears in earlier segments (Zappabore 1976, and Community Meeting 1979), is none other than Tori Mazur, the ever present child of innocence of Vieda Mazur, our full-time ‘Gal Friday’ volunteer of the first few years of M-T who subsequently was added to our staff and hired by the district as a salaried aide.

When we reunited in 1994, both she and Tori were there to share an account of the growing pains Tori had experienced during the years intervening (Part 1 Feb 1994).

Back again in the form of these two video segments that recently earned her a mini-grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she talks about how as a classroom teacher she strives to improve her performance by sharing her experiences with her colleagues.

Milt Siler, Co-Founder of M-T, who has followed her professional development at a distance over the years, recently observed of this intelligent, creative, resourceful adult that he considers Victoria Mazur to be “….brilliant. The students,” he said, “are lucky to have her as a teacher.” We certainly will agree.