(Recorded on February 24, 1994)

~ Introductory Text by John Sherin ~

Parts One & Two

Almost 20 years had passed since many in attendance had seen each other. This single event took place on the evening of February 24th, 1994 and marked the initial exchange of reflections culminating in nine weeks of discussions by staff, students, parents and friends growing out of their M-T experience. Those choosing to attend would, with the help of Evening School Principal Charlotte DeChamps of Brentwood High School Sonderling Center, continue their weekly sessions through May 5, 1994.

Parts Three & Four

What transpires in this session is an often open, spirited pro and con exchange about the impact of their final year of high school and its lasting influence on them over the decades that followed. Sharing uniform agreement on opportunities afforded all, they express single appreciation for the education received; and although by no means "experimental," such a flawed impression of M-T does, for a few, continue to persist.

Parts Five & Six

Reminiscent of the celebrated UK documentary Seven Up, this glimpse into a moment in time of American high school students has accompanied them for over 35 years along life's path. Several people identified herein have since passed, yet their memory will forever be embraced by all who knew them or learned with them, due to the undeniable influence their words and actions had on the lives of others.