(Recorded in 1976)

~ Introductory Text by John Sherin ~

"Zappabore" was the name of the caped evil-doer, played by Mark Perez. When Mark "zapped" someone, they would suddenly become bored. His first victim was Doris Zimmerman. Sue Rubenstein was filming.

Tori's childhood innocence was singularly able to cure the "bored" people and vanquish Zappabore.

At various times throughout this tour of the M-T wing of the Annex (South School), we catch glimpses of Ken Moss and John Sheehan, Eric Price, Walter "Butch" VanCura, Danny Rippol, Joe Hepworth, Iris Trusso and many others, including Ken Vollmer, John Connelly and Toni Paul. Who else do you recognize?